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Tarsus Waterfall and Tourism Center

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Mersin, Turkey

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality



Urban, Social Center

13.361 m²

Cirit Avcı 


        The role of Tarsus waterfall and Tarsus Stream for civilizations in historical perspective has been more than economy and agriculture. The vertebra formed by Tarsus Stream while hosting all these civilizations and the multi-layered structure that developed around it formed the main idea of this project.

        Tourism Facility, which is the subject of the competition, is articulated to the vertebra of the Waterfall and Tarsus Stream, forming a whole with its surroundings. It is desired that the topographic character, which is leveled starting from the waterfall, also creates the formation tectonics of the structure. For this purpose, the building was designed parallel to the long side of the land, making the most of the south facade and the most of the view. In this way, it is aimed to ensure the use of light and landscape parallel to the vertebra and at the maximum.

        The mass has become a terraced structure by being leveled and retracted starting from the lowest point, just like the layering weave of the waterfall. The building is embedded in the existing slope for the permeability of public life and the effort to reduce the silhouette. Thus, different levels were created and the public interaction between the floors was increased.


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