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Odakule Passage 

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İstanbul, Turkey

İstanbul Chamber of Commerce




2.057 m²

Cirit Avcı 


             Odakule is a relatively old building, which was built in Taksim in the 70's and has taken the title of the first skyscraper in Turkey. Taksim place on the top in Istanbul in terms of urban and social texture change. It has been an urban area that has undergone sudden transformations in the face of different social segments with sociological shocks in very short periods. This perception is also a part of the image of taksim that will never end in our minds. 

              Therefore, the structure to be designed for the space must interact with the user, who is in a state of change and is subject to changeability and transformability. In order to ensure the continuous flow in the passage, the first module unit length was produced with the shortest distance between the church wall and the Odakule ground floor facade. By using the element of water between the first module of 250 cm and the wall, a sense of flowing space was created in the third dimension and the continuity of the passage was ensured. The first largest module of 250 cm produced has created its own algorithmic sizing by increasing and decreasing intricately.


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