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Rahat Koleji

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Tashkent, Uzbekistan





19.187 m²

Cirit Avcı 


While designing Rahat College in Tashkent, it was aimed to increase the use of green areas and gardens by considering the social and cultural activities within the college. The building is entered through a large and sheltered inner courtyard and is divided into two branches. Nursery and primary-secondary education students were asked to be in different branches and have their own garden areas. For accessibility, nursery classes are located on the ground floor in a common courtyard.
In the primary-secondary education section, there are gyms on the ground floor in connection with parent meeting areas, garden and courtyard. The amphitheatre steps, which are integrated with the structure in the outdoor area, create tribunes for sports activities and also provide circulation between the ground floor and the 1st floor terrace. On the ground floor, the mass becomes transparent and retreats, creating large terraces. The dining hall, canteen and library areas on the ground floor have terrace access. There are primary and secondary education classrooms on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors. On these floors, the building is divided into 3 parts. While there are standard classrooms in the middle part, there are administrative classes on the left side, and social classes specific to their own department on each floor on the right side (art floor, music floor, science floor, etc.).
Modular wooden frames designed on the building facade create a sunshading effect. The different colors used according to the floors aim to make the school more cheerful for the students. The terraces on the floors are reflected on the facade as large wooden modules and add dynamism to the facade plastic.


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