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Nilüfer Health Workers Monument

Awards :

Location :








1st Prize

Bursa, Turkey

Nilüfer Municipality





Cirit Avcı 


      Because of  Project is in the park area, it was desired to create a square. Attention was paid to the fact that the monument was located in the center of the plot, at the farthest point from the ring road and the parking lot, and it was desired to stay away from environmental noise as much as possible. In the structure of the monument that is integrated with the landscape, a design is presented in which the place can be felt isolated with nature by preventing environmental sound and visual pollution.  The monument is considered as a whole together with the topography. It has been thought that the topography should be leveled at the center of the land, in order to be affected by the square and environmental factors the least, and thus, the nature will infiltrate into the surrounding of the design and belong together with the design. Due to the fact that the project area is located in the existing park and is at the growth point of the city, in the design of the monument, care has been taken to choose materials with a sustainable, low carbon footprint, and observable and natural. For this reason, the main material choice, which is perceptible and makes up the majority of the design, has been solid wood. In the work, which was designed in a unitary and modular infrastructure, solid wood panels were preferred because they offer different perspectives from different angles and positions by combining fullness and voids.


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