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Eyüpsultan Social Center

Awards :

Location :








1st Prize

İstanbul, Turkey

İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality



Cultural Center

2.350 m²

Cirit Avcı 


             The concept of social center, which is the subject of the competition, was questioned on the Eyüp scale. The existing trees in the competition area were preserved and the green axis extending from the Eyüp cemetery and forming the circulation axis of the building was defined. The building consists of units that are terraced and withdrawn by using the 16 m elevation difference parallel to the green axis. By giving importance to accessibility, access was provided for different functions from different levels. Despite the triangular shape of the land, spatial intervals defined as intricate and fragmentary were created by taking the transportation axes as reference.
            In all these design decisions, it is desired that the silhouette be felt as a structure belonging to the ground, to the area (it has always existed here). Thus, the perception of the building at the neighborhood scale and its belonging to the ground with its gap, full, empty and frontal movements have been ensured.


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