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100th Year Monument of Republic

Awards :

Location :








3rd Prize

Ankara, Turkey

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality




4.150 m²

Cirit Avcı 


The "TRACE" of the Republic about the past and the future.
The fact that the monument pierces the topography and continues in a single axis has been evaluated through the permanence and continuity of the Republic. Its structure, which sometimes emerges and sometimes disappears in the topography, has been a questioning of the concepts in the course of 100 years, and of its strong structure that changes according to the periods but does not compromise on its principles. The spaces articulated around the strong axis of the monument, on the other hand, are designed as spaces of experience in terms of conveying the periods and processes experienced in this process. Thus, the Monument was designed as a whole with the spirit of the place and the spaces it contains, not an object that was designed and placed outside. With the space opened at the last point reached after the experience spaces of the monument, aimed to users  feel the eternity of the process and that there is always hope for the future. The point that opens into the void at the end pierces the topography, and the console emerges, flying in the air. In this way, it is aimed to create a feeling of liberation and relief in users. The orientation of the monument is a reminder of the founding basic principles that should be taken as reference in difficult times due to the first modern structures of the Young Turkish Republic and its opening to the axis where the Anıtkabir is located.

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