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100. Yıl Çarşısı ve Yakın Çevresi Fikir Projesi Yarışması

Awards :

Location :








Honorable Mention

Ankara, Turkey

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality



Cultural ,Urban

21.750 m²

Cirit Avcı 


      With the needs of the city and architectural concerns, the 100th Year Bazaar and Office Buildings, which were won with a national competition opened by the Ankara Governor's Office in 1967, are in very good harmony with the historical environment and the scale of the square. However, over time, it started to lose its identity as its original state changed and the facade was covered with billboards, and it was in danger of being demolished from time to time. Within the scope of the competition, it was thought to include the public life by protecting the existing building and strengthening its relationship with the environment at the entrance level. With the green axis stretching from Atatürk Boulevard to the Ankara Palace, the public life is revitalized and the building's state of being one with the green has been ensured.In this context, streets are created by intersecting the axes around the courtyard opened on the ground floor and the existing entrances and exits.

        The public life of the building has been strengthened as the streets circulate throughout the building and serve for the entrances and exits. The differentiation of circulation at different levels and floors is handled in the 3rd dimension with the relationship of galleries, courtyards and bridges to the street. Additional green areas, stop and rest areas, vista points, culture and art units are designed to be attached to the streets in addition to the commercial functions in the building. Surprise spaces have emerged with the intricate interaction of semi-open spaces within the building.


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